Little Saigon prepares flower market for Tet 2018

Flower market at Asian Garden Mall -Phước Lộc Thọ. (Photo: Titi Mary Tran)

Titi Mary Tran/ Nguoi Viet English

WESTMINSTER, Calif. (NV) – When the sun sets on Thursday, owners of flower shops and Tet’s games and trucks start pouring in Asian Garden Mall, preparing for the opening of Tet’s flower market Friday, Jan. 16 at 10 a.m. in the year of the Earth Dog.

This year, the Tet’s flower market includes 45 shops for flowers, Tet’s game, Vietnamese tropical fruits and everything Tet-related and 12 food shops. Owners of these shops have high hope for this year’s traffic.

Mr. Quang, the owner of red envelops, Tet’s game, firecrackers, ect., and who has participated in the last 10 years at the market said, “depends on the weather, if it rains, the shops will be slow; if it doesn’t rain, we’ll be ok.”

Mr. Nguyen Dao, owner of Saigon Tet flower shop, is more hopeful. “I think this year will be crowded because Tet falls on the weekend. And Tet this year is not too early, it comes a month later so flowers bloom beautifully,” Dao said.


Dog is the eleventh animal of the 12 zodiac. Acording to astrology and traditional belief, people born in the year of the dog are known for being just, straightforward, generous, integrity and high community spirit. So businesses are hopeful to benefit from these characters through out the year.

Ms. Huong Thuy, first time shop owner at Asian Garden mall Tet’s flower market this year, said, “I participated last year at Ngoc Quang’s fountain valley Tet’s flower market, but this year they did not have it, so I come here. I hope traffic is better this year.”