9 food lies people are telling you, myths to betrayal

By Rebecca Orchant, Huffington Post

Sometimes, someone will tell you something about food that just doesn’t sound right. You’ll think, “That doesn’t totally jive with me, but maybe they’re right.” We’re here to break the news to you: people are telling you food lies, and some of them are your family and friends. Sorry to be the ones to break it to you.

These common food lies run the gamut from harmless myth to outright betrayal, and we’re here to expose them once and for all. Some of these might be painful, be we promise it’s for the best.

LIE: Spaghetti Squash Is A Great Substitute For Spaghetti

Spaghetti Squash

Listen, just because something looks like something else doesn’t mean it’s the same. Crisco and vanilla frosting look pretty similar — would you substitute one of those for the other? Just because you can twirl spaghetti squash up with a fork like spaghetti doesn’t mean that it will taste or satiate you like pasta will. One more time, just to be clear: spaghetti squash is a vegetable, spaghetti is made with flour, eggs and water. Okay? Call it stringy squash if you’re still having trouble.

LIE: Red Wine Should Never Be Served Cold

Red wine

WRONG. How do I know? Lambrusco for one. This sparkling red is traditionally served chilled, because it tastes better that way. Also your pinot noir? It could use a 40 minute vacation to the fridge before you drink it. Not ice cold, but under 65 degrees . Try it, thank me. You’re welcome.

LIE: Truffle Oil Is A Great Substitute For Truffles

Truffle oil

Let’s just take this stinker apart once and for all. Truffle oil has about as much to do with real truffles as artificial raspberry flavoring has to do with raspberries (it comes from the ass-end of a beaver — seriously). Most truffle oil is made by adding a synthetic compound called 2,4-Dithiapentane to olive or grapeseed oil. 2,4-Dithiapentane is one of the compounds that gives truffles their pungent aroma. By isolating this compound and infusing it into oil, what you are getting is essentially one aromatic profile from a truffle dumped into oil. If you think a whole bottle of that is as good as a single slice of a real truffle, go ahead and drink the stuff for all I care. Just keep it away from me.

LIE: Quinoa Tastes Good In Everything

Quinoa mac and cheese

I know, I know. Quinoa has so much protein. It’s a superfood. Well, it doesn’t have more protein than oats, beans or MEAT. And you know what else is a superfood? Spirulina. And that stuff tastes like you scraped it off the bottom of the ocean. Quinoa is fine, as grainy pellets of things with very little flavor go, but it doesn’t need to be in everything. I don’t need it in granola, I don’t need it in bread, I don’t need it in EVERY salad and I sure as hell don’t need it in mac and cheese. Cool it.

LIE: Gluten-Free Bread Is The Same As Regular Bread

Gluten-free bread

I of course understand that there are truly people on this earth who have to eat a gluten-free diet. For those people, I am truly happy that a gluten-free bread solution exists. Now, as for the rest of you: just eat bread. Bread IS gluten. That is why it tastes good and is light and fluffy and doesn’t crumble into a million pieces when you touch it. If you like gluten-free bread, that’s fine, but let’s not pretend that it’s bread.

Read the full article by Rebecca Orchant, Huffington Post.

Báo Người Việt hoan nghênh quý vị độc giả đóng góp và trao đổi ý kiến. Chúng tôi xin quý vị theo một số quy tắc sau đây:

Tôn trọng sự thật.
Tôn trọng các quan điểm bất đồng.
Dùng ngôn ngữ lễ độ, tương kính.
Không cổ võ độc tài phản dân chủ.
Không cổ động bạo lực và óc kỳ thị.
Không vi phạm đời tư, không mạ lỵ cá nhân cũng như tập thể.

Tòa soạn sẽ từ chối đăng tải các ý kiến không theo những quy tắc trên.

Xin quý vị dùng chữ Việt có đánh dấu đầy đủ. Những thư viết không dấu có thể bị từ chối vì dễ gây hiểu lầm cho người đọc. Tòa soạn có thể hiệu đính lời văn nhưng không thay đổi ý kiến của độc giả, và sẽ không đăng các bức thư chỉ lập lại ý kiến đã nhiều người viết. Việc đăng tải các bức thư không có nghĩa báo Người Việt đồng ý với tác giả.

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